Thank you!

In addition to the Board of Directors who volunteer their time to this organization, we would like to thank the current volunteers who help keep this organization alive. We appreciate your time and efforts. 

Lori Holms Cabrera served in the Puerto Plata region from 2007-2009. She is working with our Membership Director to update our database.

Linda Goetze is a Senior Economic Researcher at Utah State University and served in the Dominican Republic in the late 1970s. She continues to work with Dominicans who attend the University. She is co-cordinating the Mentoring Program.

Neil Ross, 1962-64, a former board member and FDR founder who continues to contribute to the History Committee, which collects and archives the history of Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. 

Roger Weiss, 1964-66, former board member who provides back-up support when needed for the web site and organizational history.

LeeAnn Wolf, 1991-94, former board member who assisted with social media and web site,

Douglas Hoppe Stone, 1962-64, San Pedro de Macorís, who provides technical assistance for our web site.

One volunteer's story

Board member, Janice Jorgensen, introduces Lori Holmes Cabrera:

Last summer I put out a notice looking for assistance with the FDR database----- why? Cuz we have 4000 entries!

Lori Holmes Cabrera responded saying she would like to help. We emailed each other and talked over the phone about the position. She disclosed that she was nervous about what she could do or not due to her brain injury. We created a work plan and began to move forward on the work and needless to say a friendship between us. Lori has helped build a much better database. When she sent me “My Story” I had no idea all she had endured. Thanks for sharing, Lori.

Read Lori’s complete story here.