With your help, FDR supports development projects

Community Challenge Fund
The Community Challenge Fund supports specific basic needs projects such as water, electricity, educational facilities, sanitation and health. Grants of up to $2,500 for construction materials are contributed to projects where community members provide labor.  But it’s more than just building alatrine or water system. Volunteers provide hygiene and health education and community members create maintenance plans. This is where our greatest need is currently - to assist Peace Corps volunteer-led development projects.

In 2011, your contributions funded 10 projects that included latrines, aqueduct/water supply projects, water purification, sanitary cement floors in homes, and improved sanitation and food preparation facilities in a school. A total of 359 households and 1137 persons benefited from grants totaling nearly $20,000.

The need is great. With your help, we will fund a greater number of projects next year.

Program Support Fund
The Program Support Fund supports development projects by funding items that can be used across a Peace Corps program sector and benefits many similar projects. In 2011, for example, over $1,700 was spent on equipment for the water sanitation sector. These tools aid in the design and completion of water projects in rural areas. 

Friends of the Dominican Republic is a membership organization open to all. While any individual interested in the organization may join, most members are current and former Peace Corps volunteers and staff. The modest membership fee covers administrative costs and the remainder is allocated to projects in most need of assistance.  Please consider becoming a member to stay connected with our work.  

The needs are great. You can make a difference in the lives of Dominican children and families with your contribution great or small. Make a gift today.