Program Support Fund

Program Overview:
The goal of our Program Support Fund is to make small but strategic grants to strengthen current Peace Corps programs and to support the efforts of individual Peace Corps Volunteers and the people they serve. These guidelines are intentionally flexible to encourage initiative and innovation and to help fill gaps between existing funding sources.

PSF grants have supported a wide variety of initiatives over the years. In 2012 a grant of $2,600 was made to purchase computer equipment and supplies needed by a group of education Volunteers working in different communities. A $1,500 grant went to fund a Declaro Mis Derechos training program for legal immigration promoters near the Haitian border. In this case, the program was also used by the Volunteers involved to help refine the content and methods for future Declaro Mis Derechos programs.

Previous grants have gone to such purposes as buying surveying, GPS and pipe threading equipment used by Volunteers working on community water supply projects, purchasing a laminator to make educational materials used by public health Volunteers and funding guided tours of the Colonial Zone to help new Volunteers better understand Dominican history; to equip two new libraries with books and other materials; and, to support youth environmental programs through Brigada Verde.

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