DR In-Country Committee

Purpose Statement
The Dominican Committee exists to provide program support and guidance to the Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR) Board through an “on the ground” Board presence in the Dominican Republic.

Committee Role Summary  
The Committee serves as liaison between the FDR Board and Peace Corps Dominican Republic (PCDR) on FDR activities and initiatives in the DR, through established protocols. This includes an effective working relationship with the Director and Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs). The Committee meets as needed to provide management and oversight of the Program Support Fund, including review and recommendations for approval of projects for the Program Support Fund (PSF).

FDR – Principle contacts
Communications Committee for posting/publication of reports and information
Treasurer for financial transactions of PSF
Board (through President) for regular reporting and PSF grant management issues
Membership Director for updating database info about DR RPCVS and PCVs and registering new PCVs.

Committee Structure
Chair, Board Liaison (stateside RPCV), 3 RPCV members. The Committee should also include Dominican members from NGOs, development agencies, or citizen activists supportive of Peace Corps DR.

Responsibilities of the In-Country Committee:

1.  To be FDR's in-country liaison with Peace Corps Dominican Republic

The Dominican Committee meets three times a year with Peace Corps staff and Volunteers to:

·   exchange information; 

·   explore opportunities for FDR to provide support and assistance;

·   evaluate and give/receive feedback on progress of grantassistance provided for projects and other purposes;

·   and develop opportunities for interaction with PC Volunteers, especially Sector Leaders through site visits and other opportunities inkeeping with PCDR policy.

2.   To report on PCDR activities andinitiatives to the FDR board and membership

The Dominican Committee develops updates and informationfor use in communications with the broader membership

·   for publication in CyberNews, on FDR Social Media, and Websiteposting;

·   and to spotlight volunteer initiatives and progress of grantsupported Peace Corps projects and activities.

3.   To manage our Program Support Fund (PSF)

The Dominican Committee oversees reviews and makes recommendations to the FDR Board for funding. Specifically the Dominican Committee:

·   follows Program Support Fund guidelines and procedures for review and approval of PSF grant applications, interacts with PCDR staff and volunteer applicants as needed/requested regarding the grant application;

·   provides information and assistance to the PCDR Director and PCVs in understanding the Fund’s guidelines and grant application procedures;

·   makes decisions and recommendations on grant applications within authority delegated by the Board;

·   works with Treasurer to ensure a prompt remission of grantfunding;

·   monitors grant reporting compliance;

·   monitors individual grant progress and provides PSF progress reports of awarded grants to the board on a semi-annual basis;

·   makes recommendations to the FDR Board on proposed changes to the program guidelines;

·   provides advice (on-going and annually) to the Board on PSF funding needs;

·   Provides a Dominican Committee’s section of the FDR Annual Report.

4.   To connect the RPCV community in the DR

·  The Dominican Committee initiates activities to identify, communicate with, and occasionally gather together the RPCV Community       and supporters of PCDR in the Dominican Republic.

To contact the Chair, Guy Baehr, email DRCommittee AT fotdr.org.