Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome volunteers at any time to help the organization further its mission. We have opportunities to work on a committee, project or to become a board member to help. You do not have to be a board member to help. What are the benefits of becoming a volunteer?
  • Opportunities to develop new skills.
  • Experience to add to your resume.
  • Satisfaction that you are contributing to the success of a cause that you believe in.
  • Working with people who share your interest in the Dominican culture and the Peace Corps.
FDR needs help in the following areas:

Re-emphasizing our Third Goal Program: We are redeveloping our program to fulfill Peace Corps’ Third Goal, to help Americans better understand the people and culture of the Dominican Republic and other countries and peoples of the world. We are looking for volunteers that want to help us create programs and opportunities to share our knowledge and experiences with people who have an interest in learning about people from around the world.

Professional Development-Networking: Volunteers leaving their Peace Corps service in the DR want to pursue fulfilling careers, attend graduate school or explore other opportunities to work around the world. Our Professional Development-Networking committee wants to connect these volunteers with other returned PC volunteers from the DR with whom they can network to learn about jobs and professions in the US; to connect them with graduate schools, such as the School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute in Vermont; and, to provide information about international companies that are looking for former volunteers that want to continue their overseas work.

Communications, website and social media: FDR needs a webmaster that is familiar with DNN website software who can update and manage our website. We also need volunteers who can write articles for our electronic newsletter, La Voz, and contribute news, posts and pictures for our Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest sites and share information about our programs on related social media sites.

Membership: We need volunteers to work with our Membership Director to manage our membership database, to encourage current and former volunteers from the DR to join FDR and continue to collect information about the professional achievements of RPCVs from the Dominican Republic.

DR In-Country Committee-Program Support Fund: Still living in the DR? FDR’s In-Country committee is our on-the-ground connection to Peace Corps in the DR and is also responsible for promoting our Program Support Fund (PSF) that provides financial assistance for the training and program needs of current volunteers in the DR. You can contact the Chair of the Committee, Guy Baehr, at guybaehr@gmail.com.

Growth Committee: Want to help decide what FDR will be doing for our members in the future? Join our Growth Committee to do some strategic thinking about how FDR can serve our mission and members better in the future.

History Project: Are you a history buff? You may be interested in helping us gather and organize, archive and make accessible materials given us over the years from DR-RPCVs for future reference by family, friends and researchers interested in Peace Corps’ history in the DR.

Community Challenge Fund: Our most popular program continues to fund volunteer projects being completed by current Peace Corps volunteers in the DR through the Peace Corps Partnership Program. Committee members review applications, recommend financial support and educate our members on the achievements of this very successful program. We need help telling the story of all of the projects we have funded in the past and all of the projects that we have yet to fund for volunteers and Dominicans in coming years.

 For more information about any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact: president@fotdr.org