About Friends of the Dominican Republic

Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR) connects our Peace Corps community to promote the appreciation of and service to the people of the Dominican Republic. We are an organization of former and current Peace Corps volunteers, staff and other friends who create a community that supports current volunteer projects, shares news and information about the Dominican Republic and promotes the understanding and appreciation of the Dominican people and culture.


FDR’s Programs 
The Community Challenge Fund

The Community Challenge Fund (CCF) is designed to help poorer communities in the DR to build basic infrastructure projects, including but not limited to such projects as water systems, water filters, electrification, cement floors, improved wood stoves, latrines, schools, and libraries. CCF provides funding for 10-15 projects a year with a maximum project grant of $4,000. A total of 109 projects have been funded as of 2016. Eligible projects must include a community contribution of at least 25 percent, often in the form of sweat equity and some construction materials. Active involvement by both Peace Corps Volunteers and community groups is required and a plan for sustaining the project must be demonstrated. Peace Corps Volunteers oversee disbursement of project funds. For more details, see Programs/Community Challenge Fund. If you have questions, you can contact the CCF's Manager, John Epler, at challengefund@fotdr.org .

The Program Support Fund

The Program Support Fund makes small but strategic grants to strengthen current Peace Corps programs and the efforts of individual Peace Corps Volunteers and the people they serve. Previous grants have funded the purchase of surveying, GPS and pipe threading equipment used by Volunteers, purchasing a laminator to make educational materials, helping new Volunteers better understand Dominican history, funding efforts to help undocumented Dominicans obtain documents through the Declaro Mis Derechos project, funding conferences for volunteers and Dominicans participating in Peace Corps environmental programs (Brigada Verde), programs for girls (Chicas Brillantes), programs for boys (Chicos Supermn), computer equipment for community centers and shelving and books for libraries, among others. For more information, see Programs/Program Support Fund or contact DRCommittee@fotdr.

Professional Development-Networking
If you are a Volunteer leaving your Peace Corps service in the DR, you probably want to pursue a fulfilling career, attend graduate school or perhaps explore an opportunity to do international work elsewhere in the world. The purpose of our Professional Development-Networking committee is to connect Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) with other returned volunteers from the DR with whom you can network; learn about jobs and professions in the US; connect with graduate school opportunities, such as the School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute in Vermont; or, provide information about international companies that are looking for former volunteers that want to continue their overseas work. For more information, contact: ProfessionalDev@fotdr.org

Newsletter and Social Media

FDR publishes an electronic newsletter, LA VOZ, three or four times a year with information about Peace Corps activities in the DR, news of the Dominican Republic, information about PC reunions in the DR, the programs and activities of FDR, information for returned volunteers and information about other programs that support Peace Corps activities in the Dominican Republic. FDR is also on Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We also share information about partner organizations such as Fondo Quisqueya and the National Peace Corps Association on a regular basis. To receive our newsletter, register today as a member.

Membership Database

FDR maintains the largest database of former volunteers and staff members that served in the Dominican Republic. As a former volunteer or staff member, you can register to become a member of FDR and create a profile in our database. As a member, you can also search the database for information about friends that served with you in the DR.

Peace Corps Reunions in the DR

About every five years, Friends of the Dominican Republic and other organizations connected to Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic sponsor a reunion in the DR. It is an opportunity to reconnect with Peace Corps, the Dominican Republic and service activities. You can see old friends and meet new ones, learn about current PC programs, meet current volunteers and learn about changes in the DR. The 50th reunion in 2012 was attended by 400 current and former volunteers and staff members. The next reunion has not yet been scheduled. For more information see About/Reunion.

Sharing the Dominican Culture - The Third Goal

This is Peace Corp’s Third Goal, helping Americans understand the people and cultures of other countries. It is one of the three goals that support the mission of Peace corps to promote world peace and friendship. We hope to provide information and tools to help you learn about the Dominican people and culture and share this information with others. We hope you will join in this effort. For more information contact: ThirdGoal@fotdr.org

How to Register

All invitees, current and former volunteers are asked to register in our secure database and become part of the FDR community. This allows us to send you periodic newsletters and allows you to look up fellow volunteers now and for years to come.

All are welcome

No matter what your connection or interest is in the Dominican Republic, you are welcome to join this community to learn about Dominican culture, share an appreciation of the people and support the positive work of Peace Corps Volunteers along side their community members.



We connect our Peace Corps community to promote appreciation of and service to the people of the Dominican Republic.


Current Volunteer
You may at some point benefit from the Community Challenge or the Program Support Fund. Check them out. Also, join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Peace Corps Connect and Pinterest and contribute. We want to hear from you. 

All invitees, current and former volunteers are asked to register in our secure database and become part of the FDR community. This allows us to send you periodic newsletters and allows you to look up fellow volunteers now and for years to come.