Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs)

In an effort to connect, promote, and celebrate others who have served in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic, we are sharing information about our community. Please suggest additions to this page to cybernews AT

Mary Kay Carson (1987-99) is a nonfiction childen's book author. She's written more than 30 books for kids about wildlife, space, weather, nature and other science and history topics. Check out her books. 
Lew Gottfried (  ) author of "Traveling Unchartered Paths" describes his Peace Corps experiences with his wife in the Dominican Republic. He also wrote "Protecting out Liberties," a collection on WWII stories, among other books. Find him on Facebook.
Al Kamen (1967-69) writes In the Loop column for the Washington Post.
John Miller (1962-64) author of "Citrus White Gold," a novel about the history of Citrus County Florida and "You Can't Pick Up Raindrops," "Zapatos," stories inspired by his Peace Corps service. He has also written plays and poetry.
Barbara Peabody (1968-'69, wife of PC staff physician, Dr. Walter Vom Lehn) wrote from her era following the end of Trujillo and the affect on her sister, Ofelia Japonesa, and her nest in Santo Domingo.  Read about Barrio Vietnam.
Elaine (Reidy) Schiefer (1963-65) wrote The Shortest Way Home, a fictional account of a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic.
Jan Steckel (1985-87) is an award-winning published writer and a former pediatrician who took care of Spanish-speaking patients at a county hospital and at a large HMO in California. You can read some of her work (including four stories about the D. R., one of which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize).  Author of The Underwater Hospital (Zeitgeist Press, 2006)  Reviewed in Street Spirit, Galatea Resurrects, Woman-Stirred, & the Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review.
Kate Wallace (1994-97) co-author of Ruta Barrancoli: A Bird-Finding Guid to the Dominican Republic, 2012. 

David Bradley (1975-76), a Native American artist, served in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Current works sold through Blue Rain Gallery/Santa Fe New Mexico
Danyl Cook (1991-93) Danyl's lover of nature and foreign places are the source of his contemporary drawings and paintings
Diane Jakubowski (1985-87) fashion, fiber art and furniture. This portrait quilt is based on a photo taken during her time in the Dominican Republic of a girl who posed in an outfit she made in Diane's sewing class.
Katherine Kimball (1991-93) Photojournalist and photographer in Oregon. 
Andrea Yajko (2001-03) was inspired by her service in DR to create her art

Joseph Acaba (1994-96), is an educator, hydrogeologist, astronaut and former Peace Corps Volunteer. He became the first person of Puerto Rican heritage to be names as a NASA astronaut candidate. He trained over 300 teachers during his time in the Dominican Republic. 

Higher Education
Jonathan Lash (1967-69) president of New Hampshire College in Amherst, MA and member of the Board of Directors of World Resources Institute where he served as president from 1993-2011.

Non-Government Organizations
Randy Adams (1966-69) VP for Development (North American Board Member, International Association for Community Development (IACD), Past President, Community Development Society (CDS/US) and Executive Director (1998-06), Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP). 
Lynn Moquete (1990-92), a health education teacher in Petaluma, CA, founded Una Vida, whose mission is to empower impoverished families of rural Dominican Republic and Haiti while strengthening and reaffirming our own shared humanity, our need for empathy, and our devotion to serving others. You can help support their efforts by purchasing jewelry made by mothers in this program - Madres
Kaveh Azimi ('06-'08) co-founded Encite Capital, a nonprofit impact investing startup designed to provide financing, consulting, and mentoring services to small and growing businesses in developing countries, starting in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Jonathon Welle ('08-'10) serves as Director of Business Development. Facebook page: 

Public Servants/International Development
Joe Kennedy III (2004-06) became Massachusetts' fourth district Congressional representative in 2012. Eco Tourism in the Dominican Republic (video). Cape Codders talk about the Peace Corps experience (video). 
Christopher Dodd (1966-68) served in Monción, Dom. Rep, then joined the Army National Guard and later the US Army Reserves. He is a former US Senator from Connecticut. Postcard from the Dominican Republic: Chris Dodd.
Aaron Williams (1
967-70) was the 18th director of the Peace Corps before returning to a career in international development. He met his wife, Rose, during his time in the Dominican Republic.
Sheila Leslie (1979-80) Senator, Nevada State Senate, 2010-2012.
Robert Reid (1974-6), career with Peace Corps, Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children, Winrock International, USAID, USSOCOM, and Millennium Challenge Fund. 
Pete Peterson (1973-74) Anchorage Assemblyman.

Evan Caplan (2007-09) and Katie Tuider (2007-10) authored "Dominican Republic (Other Places Travel Guide).
Dave Kaufman
 (1962-64 ) and wife Anita have been in Costa Rica for 40+ years and own and operate Conversa, a language school dedicated to the teaching of Spanish and English as a foreign language. All are welcome. 
Kate Wallace (1994-97) owner and local guide to specializes in individualized tropical birding tours in the Dominican Republic. Her company is Tody Tours.

Andrew Hanson (2009-2011). While a youth development promoter in Puerto Plata his spiritual vocation blossomed. He was accepted as a novice  for the Wisconsin Province Jesuits

Volunteer experiences

Lori Holmes Cabrera - A Story of a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

Ernie Zaremba's video -
Peace Corps Family Album - Dominican Republic 1
Peace Corps Family Album - Dominican Republic 2

Videos made during PCDR 45th Anniversary by Brian Quistorff
Andy Hernandez (1st PCDR Director 1962-64)
BJ (Roberta) (Bone) Warren (RPCV Peru, first female invited to be PC staff, PC staff in DR 1964-67)
Hionelis Nudo (Dominican who was influenced by PC and worked for PC)
* Priscilla Colmer de Garrido Part I (RPCV 1966-68, started bilingual schools in DR) Part II.
Anita Freidman (vol. during 9/11)
Geer Wilcox (blind vol.)
* Bob Satin
* Theresa Ann Zingery

Adam Fivenson (2010-12) and University Extension (video). He took online courses while a volunteer. 

Bring the World Home - episode 25 (Dominican Republic), a cable access show in Hawaii featuring Joseph Zuiker (1965-67).

Peace Corps Chronicles: Jacquelyn Caglia (2003-05), a community health volunteer with youth speaks about her volunteer experience and life after. (video)

Kacie Sis' Dominican community and project (video).

The night my heart broke - Iris Laurencio (2006-08)

Sarah Evjen's (2010-12) site - Batey Las Pajas through the eyes of two youth (video). 
Sarah Termondt's video of her life in the Peace Corps (2010) (stermond86).
Kaitlyn Malkiewicz (2009-2012) and the Community of Las Pascualas explaining why they need latrines and process to build them.

Brigada Verde group of Los Catorce, Jarabacoa, D.R. (1/2012, eedzie)

Escojo radio (short video, 4/2011)

Zenia Perez' (2011-13) home in Los Cocos and her host family home in El Seibo.
Laura Newman (04-06, Environmental Education), Peace Corps Fellow at the University of Arizona.
Laurel Tanza - Santa Cruz PCV brings back wealth of experience
Sarayu Adeni - Degree of understanding
Will Aurigemma (2010-2013) From Marine Corps to Peace Corps, CNN.