Friends of the Dominican Republic programs


Committee Activities (most recent first):

Before the end of June 2020, the Committee will be hosting a webinar about Working for a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). To receive registration information for this webinar, send your contact information to:  

In May 2020, following the April NCE webinar, the Committee decided to create a Pilot Mentoring Program for FDR members and conducted a survey of recently Evacuated DR-RPCVs to determine their interest in assistance from the Committee in the areas of developing resumes and cover letters, job interviews, preferred job sectors,  and participation in the Pilot Mentoring Program.  

On April 9, 2020
, the Committee produced a webinar for FDR members and recently Evacuated Volunteers from the Dominican Republic about how to use their Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE) for federal employment and how to enhance their Job-Hunting skills. The webinar was well attended and well received by the attendees. To see the webinar, click on this link:

In March of 2020, the Committee requested updated information from the respondents to the 2018 survey and asked them to provide additional information about their professional needs. After reviewing the results of the update, the Committee decided to produce a webinar on using Non-Competitive Employment (NCE) opportunities for federal employment for recently Evacuated RPCVs.

In March of 2018, the Committee conducted a survey of FDR members regarding their needs in the areas of graduate school attendance and professional development and then developed a Professional Directory of DR-RPCVs for networking purposes. In 2019, the Committee organized an online webinar for current PCV’s interested in pursuing advanced degrees following their Close of Service. Three recent PCV’s served as panelists and provided information about applying to and attending graduate school and answered questions posed by current PCV’s and webinar attendees. The webinar was recorded and is available to FDR members and current Volunteers upon request by contacting Board Member Susan Stine at to obtain a copy. 

To receive notices about current and future activities of the Growth and Professional Development Committee, please send an email with your contact information to:  

Goals of the Growth and Professional Development Committee:

The Growth and Professional Development Committee has two primary goals: 1) to ensure a vibrant, diverse, committed and sustainable organization and board of directors, and 2) to provide Dominican Republic Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (DR-RPCVs) with opportunities for professional growth, development, and networking.