Friends of the Dominican Republic programs

Friends of the Dominican Republic has several programs under which our activities fall.

Our Community
We are a community of current and former Peace Corps Volunteers and staff members who share an interest in the Dominican Republic. We support the success of Peace Corps' mission in the Dominican Republic, maintain a connection to the Dominican culture and people, form and maintain a connection with each other, and share the Dominican culture with Americans, which is Peace Corps' third goal.

Membership Database
As a current Volunteer, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, or a former Peace Corps staff member, you have access to our database to search for those you have served with and to reconnect with them. As a contributing financial supporter of FDR, you have access to our newsletter to stay informed about our programs and life in the Dominican Republic.

Newsletters and social media
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) work in every sector in the US and all over the world. Don’t lose the opportunity to network with RPCVs, current Volunteers and former Peace Corps staff members using our social media sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and by reading our newsletter. In addition to keeping in touch with each other and sharing news about the DR, we also share information about our partner organizations such as Fondo Quisqueya, the National Peace Corps Association and the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with whom we currently partner through our programs. 

Since about 1987 and every five years thereafter, Friends of the Dominican Republic, Fondo Quisqueya and Peace Corps-DR have tried to sponsor a reunion for RPCV’s and former PC staff members that served in the Dominican Republic. The 35th, 40th, 45th and 50th year reunions of PC service in the DR were very successful. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to sponsor a 55th reunion in 2017, but we are currently looking at a possible 60th reunion in 2022 or 2023, pending appropriate health conditions for travel and attendance. We hope it will be another opportunity to reconnect with Peace Corps, the Dominican Republic, and old friends with whom you served. Watch this site for more information. 

Our Development and Professional Support Programs
We support the development work of our Peace Corps and NGO partners in the Dominican Republic by monetarily supporting Volunteer and NGO programs and projects. Our Community Challenge Fund is a matching fund which supports basic infrastructure projects to meet locally identified needs working in cooperation with local communities. Our Program Support Fund provides financial support for the program-sector needs of Volunteers, such as necessary equipment; travel, lodging and material support for Volunteers and Dominicans to attend training conferences; and other program support expenses that are not part of the PC-DR budget. Our Growth and Professional Development Committee presents webinars, panel discussions, films, and other opportunities for RPCVs to enhance their professional careers and stay connected after ending their PC service. You can find out more about these development and professional support programs under Programs on this website.